Winchester 1866 Short Rifle 38 Special/44-40 Win

Winchester 1866 Short Rifle 38 Special/44-40 Win



NEW FOR 2017 - The real original Winchester has arrived. Black Walnut straight grip stock, polished brass receiver, blued steel, open top ejection port, folding ladder rear sight

If any rifle defines the 19th century, this is it. This is the genuine Yellow Boy. The original. The authentic. The Winchester Model 1866 epitomizes the winning of the American West. But that is not all. It remains until today as a key example of the American industrial revolution. A revolution that was sweeping the world, changing world history forever.  This is the rifle that made Oliver Winchester one of the great industrialist of the 19th Century, and set him on a path of firearms innovation and manufacturing prowess that became the stuff of legend. The feature list below is rich. Whether for the joy of shooting, for cowboy action shooting or for a special hunting experience, this 1866 is ready.

A  real working rifle -- not just for show! This remarkable rifle starts with walnut straight grip stock with a satin oil finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch. Features a classic rifle-style forearm with forearm cap for the legendary look and feel of the original Model 1866.

  • GRADE I AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT STRAIGHT GRIP STOCK with a satin oil finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch
  • CLASSIC RIFLE-STYLE FOREARM with polished brass forearm cap for the timeless look and feel of the original Model 1866
  • FULL BRIGHT POLISH gives a deep, traditional glow to the brass receiver, crescent buttplate and forearm cap
  • CRESCENT BRASS BUTTPLATE slips right into your shoulder for a more solid hold from any shooting position
  • OPEN TOP EJECTION PORT for easier single cartridge loading and smoother, more reliable ejection of fired cases 
  • FULL-LENGTH MAGAZINE TUBE aids in offhand balance and provides plenty of ammo capacity for hunting, competition and casual plinking
  • BLUED STEEL LOADING GATE gives smoother loading and adds a touch of contrast against the highly polished brass receiver
  • BLUED STEEL ACTION SCREWS create an added touch of tasteful contrast against the surface of the polished brass receiver

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