Primos Chicken On A Stick Jake Turkey Decoy


The Primos 69067 Chicken on a stick box is a great, simple solution to your turkey hunting problems. The Primos chicken-on-a-stick decoy is designed specifically for fanning in gobblers. This unique form of turkey hunting allows the Hunter to get up close and personal with big toms. It comes with a proprietary stake design that is engineered with specific features for fanning, including a built in gun rest and a Mini camera mount so you can record the excitement. This Primos hunting turkey hunting decoy can also be used as a free-standing Jake decoy, or you can add it to your spread. Ask any Hunter who makes the best game calls and chances are you’ll hear the name Primos. Primos makes calls for every Category of game species hunted in North America in additional to clothing and accessories. Primos mission is to maintain the hallmark that defines them: quality.

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