SAKO 85 BROWN BEAR (call for in store pricing)

We have added an everyman’s safari rifle into the Sako 85 product family: introducing the Brown Bear in action size XL. This extends the caliber selection of the Bear series to include 416 Rigby, 450 Rigby and 500 Jeffrey. The laminate stock has been redesigned to accommodate larger calibers, while the barrel profile has been redefined for the new calibers.


The Grizzly, Black Bear, Brown Bear and Kodiak are purpose-oriented weapons for bear hunters. All four Bear models feature adjustable fast target acquisition iron sights and a detachable staggered two-row steel magazine with TLC, preventing unintentional magazine release. All can be top-loaded and have controlled cartridge feed, an adjustable single stage trigger and a barrel band for front swivel plus mechanical case ejection. They are also equipped with integral dovetail rails for secure scope mounting.


 Gorgeous looks. High performance. Brown, mat laminated stock and black steel look great. Performance of 338 Win.Mag or 375HandH cartridges justify “Bear” this Bearproof rifle.