Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

The cost of Shipping will be determined by the size and weight of the package as well as the distance shipped. For more information, contact us at (705) 740 0063 or

Address & License

We can not export ammunition outside of Canada, and cannot fulfill international orders. Remote Locations may incur additional shipping costs due to the charges applied by the courier. If not being shipped to the CFO mailing or storage address (such as a business location), we will need to verify the address the RCMP has on file before proceeding. Ontario provincial laws require all ammunition sales to be recorded. We will need your valid PAL/RPAL information before proceeding with orders and transfers.

Shipping Restrictions

Canada Post will not handle dangerous goods for shipping. Ammunition is shipped with tracking, insurance, and 18+ signature on arrival. By law ammunition may not be shipped by aircraft, all ammo will be shipped by ground service. Ammunition may not under any condition be shipped with a firearm, firearms must be ordered separately. Address may not be a PO Box or unattended location, must be a physical address.

Failure to Deliver

In the event that ammunition can not be delivered, or is refused delivery without prior discussion with us, we can not refund shipping charges. Unless the ammunition delivery is damaged in transit and refused on arrival we are unable to recover the funds for shipping. Should you need to arrange a different address for delivery please contact us before the ammunition ships so we can ensure it arrives in a timely manner.

Shipping guns for gunsmithing:

When shipping a gun to us for any kind of repairs or smithing, please include the following:
Your name, return address, phone number, and any other relevant contact information on the outside of the box. Including this on the inside.
A list of the work to be done, with as much detail as possible. This saves both you and us time!
If the work we are doing does not involve shooting your gun in, or any stock work, you can usually just ship us the barrelled action in order to save over length charges. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not we need the stock to do the work, give us a call!

General shipping recommendations:

Firearms can be shipped via Canada Post. It is usually best to get insurance and register your package to insure that it arrives safely. We strongly recommend that you ship your gun in an airline grade gun case. If you don’t have one of those, then the original box, or another cardboard box with good padding is the next best thing.
Your gun needs to be secured in some way. While a lock works well, you can also wrap the package in strong tape, zip straps, or similar. Pistols can be shipped in the same manner as rifles – in a secure case. No additional locks are required when shipping. Should you include a trigger lock, please include the key or put combination in your contact info, or a note asking us to call you for the combination. Unlike rifles, pistols must be shipped as registered mail.