CCI A17 Varmint Tip is optimized for feeding and function in the Savage A17 semi automatic rifle but this .17 HMR ammo is a hot performer in a bolt gun as well. A full 100 fps faster than typical .17 HMR ammunition of the same weight the 17 grain A17 Varmint Tip bullet is designed for rapid expansion delivering full impact energy to the target. – Optimized for the Savage A17 – CCI-made and primed case – 50 round box – 40 boxes per case – Muzzle velocity 2650 fps energy 265 ft/lbs – Velocity at 50 yards 2312 fps energy 202 ft/lbs – Velocity at 75 yards 2153 fps energy 175 ft/lbs – Velocity at 100 yards 2000 fps energy 151 ft/lbs – Use for varmint predator hunting

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