Our striker pak produces a full range of pitches from very high to low frequencies. The Purple Heart Striker is designed for easy handling and control, to increase the accuracy of your calling. The GraveDigger™ Striker is crafted from select hardwood, which creates the raspy, yet sweet and clear tones turkey hunters expect. The Wet Weather Acrylic Striker is 100% WATERPROOF when used with the Power Crystal (Model No. 217); you will not want to leave this one behind!

SPECIAL NOTE – CLEANING YOUR STRIKER: You must keep the tip of your striker clean and free of any build up.  To clean the striker, use  abrasive pads and lightly sand the tip of your striker.

  • Purple Heart Striker -Easy Handling and Control
  • GraveDigger™ Striker – Raspy, Clear Tones
  • Wet Weather Acrylic Striker -100% Waterproof
  • Distinct strikers for all calling conditions