Universal Deluxe Cleaning Kit

Comprehensive cleaning kit in a durable polymer case for accessible use, easy transport and secure storage.
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  • 2 three-section T-handle brass cleaning rods fit .17 caliber and larger
  • 13 nylon jag tips
  • 4 nylon slotted tips
  • 3 thread adaptors
  • 14 phosphor bronze bore brushes
  • 9 cotton bore mops
  • 3 muzzle guards
  • Non-woven cleaning patches
  • 3 detail cleaning brushes: Nylon, steel and phosphor bronze
  • Industrial-grade molded hard case with integrated handle and snap latches

Everything needed for gun cleaning, and then some. This is the most comprehensive gun cleaning kit that Browning offers, designed to clean and maintain shotguns, pistols and rifles. The industrial-grade polymer case opens flat to provide easy access to the array of cleaning rods, jags, mops and brushes – extremely useful for detailed cleaning at home or for quick maintenance at the range.