Hoppe’s Elite Gun Oil,4-Ounce Bottle


The hoppe’s 9 Elite firearm cleaning oil with T3 has been created to ensure the proper upkeep and maintenance of all of your favorite weapons. Weapon cleaning oil from the experts at hoppes is made with a specially formulated T3 additive that contains Liquid molybdenum and PTFE. The PTFE material that is present on the hoppes 9 gun Elite cleaning oil has the highest coefficient of friction know to mankind. Developed from oil used in dental drills, this hoppes gun cleaning solution will spin up to 1.5 million rotations per minute, so you will have to clean your weapon far less than with inferior cleaning kits. For a great way to make sure your weapon has long lasting protection from corrosion, copper, lead and carbon fouling, choose the hoppes 9 Elite T3 gun oil cleaning kit.

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