AB3 Rifle Magazine

Detachable staggered box magazine for AB3 rifles. Not compatible with A-Bolt or A-Bolt II rifles. MSRP: $59.99
  • Detachable staggered box magazine has a formed steel body with integrated feed lips for durability
  • Tough polymer baseplate and shoulder prevents recoil-induced bullet tip deformation and bullet setback
  • Capacity is three rounds in magnum calibers and four rounds in standard calibers
  • Compatible only with AB3 rifles

Detachable magazines, often a costly upgrade to other factory rifles, have been a standard feature on Browning big game rifles for decades. The AB3 rifle is no exception, featuring an extremely tough steel and polymer box magazine that protrudes just enough from the stock to allow you a tactile reference if a mag is inserted in the rifle.

Having an extra loaded magazine in your bag or pocket while hunting is undoubtedly better than a pocket full of loose shells mixed in with your truck keys and that half-eaten granola bar you were saving for later.

Item Number112024038 UPC023614410553
MaterialMetal ColorBlack
Caliber270 WIN Capacity4
Magazine Feed StyleOff Set Weight4.8 oz