Traditions EZ Clean 2 Breech Plug & Small Parts Cleaner


Traditions??? EZ Clean??? 2 Breech Plug and Small Parts Cleaner has an advanced formula that helps clean corrosive black powder, Blackhorn 209, Triple Seven, Pyrodex, and other black powder substitutes. The formula also has an added ingredient which helps protect against rust and weather while allowing easier loading. EZ Clean??? 2 combines two steps into one, easy to use formula. This product is easy to use! Drop your breech plug into liquid and close the lid. Shake for at least 30 seconds. Remove breech plug and dry thoroughly. Apply breech plug grease to the breech plug and put back into rifle. This advanced formula cleans your breech plug, nipples, screws, and other small parts. The handy tray allows for items to be easily removed while soaking in the formula.

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