The model 1873 is widely credited as being “The Gun that Won the West.” Chambered in the popular handgun calibers of the day, it’s been produced in carbine, rifle and musket models. Cowboy Action Shooters love the reliable model 1873 because it fires the same ammo as their revolver. This is a genuine Winchester Repeating Arms model 73 with an oil-finished walnut stock, classic blued steel crescent buttplate and a 20 inches round barrel, just like the original. If you’re the type of collector or hunter who won’t settle for second best or a copy of a copy, fill your hands with this magnificent rifle, saddle up and blaze your trail into the sunset.


  • Walnut straight grip stock with a satin oil finish that’s velvet smooth to the touch
  • Classic rifle-style forearm with blued steel cap for the timeless look and feel of the original model 73
  • Blued steel crescent buttplate slips into your shoulder for a solid hold
  • Semi-buckhorn rear sight with marble arms gold bead front sight gets you on target quickly
  • Steel loading gate for smoother loading
  • Brass cartridge lifter for more reliable feeding, even during the heat of cowboy action competition
  • Receiver top tang is drilled and tapped for an optional tang-mounted rear sight for a more precise sight picture
  • Tube holds 10-rounds of 357 Magnum or 11-rounds of 38 Special ammunition