Iconic style large loop lever-action Model 1892, walnut carbine style buttstock and forearm, strap style buttplate, ladder rear sight.

Saddle up. The Model 92 is the most famous of all the levers produced in the 1890s. It includes all the John Browning improvements and special features. This is why is is used by a huge number of competitors in Cowboy Action Shooting events. It is slick, fast and extremely reliable. Designed for primarily pistol calibers, its recoil is manageable and is a fantastic gun for training a young shooter of lever actions in general. In the ranching days of the American West, the 92 was considered a premier rifle for looking out for the safety of livestock. And in every way, it remains a premier rifle.

Large loop — very fun. The large loop is often associated with the films of John Wayne or the TV Show The Rifleman. But it has a value that is more than movies and fun. The large loop is very functional when hunting or shooting while wearing gloves. And of course, it looks great.

  • Walnut Stock Grade I with rich, satin finish, authentic straight-grip, contoured for better feel

  • Steel contoured Carbine strap buttplate is quick to shoulder and protects buttstock from damage

  • Top-tang safety is easy to see and operate

  • Rebounding hammer provides added margin of safety

  • Large loop lever with radiused edges, large enough for use with gloves

  • Marble arms front sight with brass bead for easier sighting

  • Adjustable rear sight gets you on target with any ammo

  • Saddle ring attaches rifle to the saddle

  • Steel loading gate for smoother loading

  • Barrel is button rifled with recessed crown to protect rifling for consistent bullet departure and ultimate accuracy