Stevens 555 compact


Stevens has made its 555 over-and-under line even more versatile with the 555 Compact. The stylish shotgun has a mid-length fore-end and a compact, 13.25-inch length-of-pull, making it perfect for smaller-framed shooters. Like the original 555, it features a light aluminum receiver that’s scaled to gauge. A steel insert reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. The 555 Compact sports a Turkish walnut stock and fore-end, shell extractors, a manual safety, and a single, selective mechanical trigger; all at a superb price. Five interchangeable choke tubes allow the fast-handling gun to meet any shooting need.


  • Mid-length forearm and compact 13.25-inch length of pull

  • Lightweight aluminum receiver scaled to gauge

  • Single, selective mechanical trigger

  • Turkish walnut stock and fore-end

  • Chrome-lined barrels

  • Tang-mounted safety