• Pistol Grip synthetic buttstock with sturdy recoil pad
• Proven A.R.G.O. Gas-Operating System
• Titanium Cerakote barrel and LPA ghost ring sights, white dot front blade

The M4 H20 is enhanced with a Titanium Cerakote® finish, for increased corrosion resistance and durability. The barrel, receiver, magazine tube, bolt and many internal parts are coated with titanium Cerakote.

Operated by a unique Auto-Regulating Gas-Operated (A.R.G.O.) system, which features dual self-cleaning, stainless steel pistons, that bear directly on the bolt assembly. This mechanism eliminates the more complicated linkages and heavier parts of other semi-automatic shotgun designs, to produce a relatively simple and robust action. The system is designed to handle everything from 2-3/4” field loads to hard-hitting 3″ buckshot, without the need of adjustments.

The pistol-grip synthetic buttstock is made to withstand any environment, with a rubber/poly-blend pistol-grip. The stock features a sturdy recoil pad which cuts recoil and muzzle lift considerably, allowing the user to stay on target and deliver rapid follow-up shots.

An under-barrel sling point at the front of the handguard, and one on each side of the stock, facilitate ambidextrous sling attachment. Included is a fully-adjustable LPA ghost ring rear sight, and a white dot front blade inside protective ears, for quick target acquisition. A 5-1/4″ Picatinny rail allows for mounting additional scopes and optical sights.