Maxus Rifled Deer – Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

These products are no longer in production.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo, cantilever scope mount, rifled barrel, Power Drive gas operated semi-auto, Dura-Touch composite stock

Camo for whitetail country. Mossy Oak’s Break-Up Country camo pattern is designed with elements to allow it to blend in any number of North American environments, but you’ll find it right at home in the woods where whitetail roam. Add to this pattern the light recoil and fast trigger lock time on the Maxus, and you have an amazing shotgun that is accurate, lightweight, and smooth handling.

Rifled barrel. This model features a precision rifled barrel designed primarily for shooting sabot type slugs. These type of slugs paired with the rifled Maxus offer superb accuracy. Combined with the reduced recoil of a Maxus, you have an extremely reliable, fast-follow-up-shot capability. The top cantilever is specifically for mounting an optic of your choice. With top quality optics and performance level rifled slugs, you can reach out to significant distances with accuracy and reliable knockdown power.

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