Lok’d and Lethal

The Most Innovative Turkey Load Ever Developed by Winchester Featuring Shot-Lok Technology

Forty yards has long been the standard by which all turkey loads were measured. No more. It’s time to go father with Long Beard XR. Featuring innovative Shot-Lok Technology, Long Beard XR offers the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any traditional turkey load with twice the pellets in a 10-inch circle out to 60 yards. Long Beard XR has the knockdown power of popular heavier-than-lead loads at a fraction of the cost, meaning it’s a turkey-slamming game changer for hunters looking to push the limits.

10% greater penetration over standard lead loads beyond 50 yards

Devastating terminal on-target performance

Twice the number of pellets in a 10″ circle out to 60 yards

Protects Shot During In-Bore Acceleration

Shot launches from barrel near perfectly round for extremely tight long-range patterns